Chatham Hotel Special

Chatham Hotel Special

Chatham Hotel Cocktail

Chatham Hotel Cocktail

A word of warning, this cocktail is pink. Not a gentle pink blush but rather full on Pepto pink. Barney-the-dinosaur pink. Strawberry Quick pink. In the interest of full disclosure we did not invest in the dark crème de cacao called for in the recipe, substituting instead its clear counterpart. But as the recipe only calls for a dash I doubt that would have changed much.

Color notwithstanding the drink is enjoyable. It is decidedly a dessert cocktail but it is pleasantly boozy and not too sweet. The cacao is restrained; adding just a hint of chocolate-y goodness on the nose and the front of the palate, with the port taking up the rear for a long finish.

I will admit that I am rarely a fan of dairy in cocktails. I dislike the richness and the unsightly residue that invariably clings to the inside of the glass. We decided on 18% cream which gave the drink a lighter weight and texture, which we both liked. As for the residue I have no solution other than to drink quickly and clear the glassware immediately.

D declared it to be “A Purple Russian!” And seemed to feel it would compliment his morning bowl of cereal.

The Chatham Hotel Special feels like a true throwback to a bygone era. It is a curious concoction that we could see having a place in a period where dessert beverages were the norm – the grappa or amaro of its day – but it is hard to figure out where it could possibly fit in contemporary cocktail culture. While we concede that the drink is enjoyable we do not feel it is a recipe we are likely to revisit.

Chatham Hotel Special

  • 1.5 ounces brandy
  • .5 ounce Ruby Port
  • .5 ounce cream
  • 1 dash crème de cacao, preferably dark

Shake over ice and strain into a cocktail glass.

Chatham Hotel Cocktail ingredients

Chatham Hotel Cocktail ingredients

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