Sunday Funday – Bitters

Sunday Funday – Bitters

 DIY Bitters It’s official, we are cocktail geeks. We tried to reign ourselves in and focus on one project, recreating the 100 drinks in Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails, but alas we are multitaskers at heart. Forgive us as we digress… Somewhere along the way D and I christened the seventh day of each week “Sunday Funday.” On this day we follow our hearts’ desires, whether that would be trying out a new restaurant, taking a rambling miles-long walk, or diving into a new project. The last couple of Sundays have involved the latter. On Christmas morning D and I opened our stockings only to discover that Santa had deposited a copy of Brad Thomas Parsons’ Bitters in each of our stockings. DIY BittersWith not one, but two copies of this book on hand we felt compelled to make a freshman attempt at bitters production. We selected the BTP House Bitters as our first endeavor, largely because of their versatility (Parsons claims that they can be used in place of Angostura Bitters in any recipe.)   It took us two weeks to track down all the ingredients, DIY Bittersthe hardest to come by found in unexpected places. Who would have guessed that we’d find gentian root and cassia bark at a shop called Gaia Garden? It would seem that for the bitters enthusiast, the new-age apothecary is your best friend. With all the ingredients on hand the assembly seemed almost ridiculously simple. The hardest part is waiting the two weeks before you can strain the solution and boil down the solids, and then waiting two weeks again. As of this writing we have yet to try the fruits of our labors, but we are already plotting our next batches of bitters. We will let you know how things turn out. Patience grasshopper. DIY Bitters

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